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QuestBridge National College Match: View (Must be Nominated)

MALDEF: View The Latino Legal Voice for Civil Rights in America

*This is just a resource some of the scholarships may no longer be available

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Scholarships for Students with Disabilities: View

Rice University's new financial aid program: View

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(Class of 2020 and beyond)

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Financial Aid 101.pdf


  • January 2019 Financial Aid Night Presentation: View
  • The Debt Free College Guidebook : View
  • Budgeting 101: The Ultimate College Cost Calculator: View
  • Guidebook to Extracurricular Activities in School: View
  • Federal Student Aid Resources: View
  • Ebook, How to Pay for College Without Going Broke: View
  • Online Guide to Financial Aid: How to Pay for College Responsibly: View
  • Financial Aid and Scholarship Resource: View
  • Sallie Mae College Planning Tools: View
  • Wells Fargo College Planning Activities: View
  • Financial Aid after submitting FAFSA:View
  • How to research HOPE GPA:View
    • Hope Scholarship Course Rigor: View
    • Sending Test Scores for Zell: View
  • Student Loan Calculators: View